Sunday, 30 September 2012

Locus Gear Nanos utilize bag

In this post I'll take a look at a fantastic bit of kit that can make your outdoors or daily commuter day much more simple. Locus Gear Nanos utilize bag.

Few weeks ago at UL Summit I had an honour to meet and hike with Mr. Jotaro Yoshida from Japan. He is the owner, designer and main workforce at Locus Gear cottage company in Japan, focused on building ultralight hiking gear from latest state of the art materials. Mr. Jotaro is very nice person and great hiking buddy! He is very passionate to talk about his hiking adventures around the world and even more so about his future plans. All his passion for outdoors and more importantly about outdoor gear can be seen in his creations at Locusgear. From what I've seen few weeks ago I can vouch for top design and high quality manufacture. But what else would you expect from meticolous gentleman as Mr. Jotaro is?

He was very kind and sent me two of his creations Nanos utilize bag and Tenugui scarf after he returned back to Japan, so I can enjoy wearing them. Thank you again for such a kind gesture! I've worn Nanos utilize bag almost daily so lets take a look of it.
First the standards for gear review, fabric and configuration:
The sack is made from PU coated ripstop fabric, it has one main compartment which closes with small zip (YYK btw.), one back fabric and two front mesh pockets. The attached shoulder strap sports detachable pad made from spacer mesh and velcro so to shave some weight you can detach the pad from the strap. 
Next weight and dimensions:
According to my measure the approximate dim. are 30x23x5cm so you get ~3,5L storage space inside the main compartment. The weight of the sack is 66,5g. Back pocket dimensions are ~15x30cm and it suppose to hold a map which it does perfectly. Two front mesh pockets measure ~9x15cm and ~19x15cm and are great to hold your Iphone, water bottle or Platy snacks and other little things you would like to keep at hand while out and about. The pack size of the sack is tinny!
There are numerous applications for this little gem.  Commuting (it can hold your Ipad), grocery bag, everyday purse bag, summit sack, day hiking sack etc. I’ve used it for a day hike when warm clear weather was expected and it hold my map, wind shirt, snacks, UL stove/pot combo, water and other day hike essentials with ease. You wear it over your shoulder so no sweaty back! It can be taken off without taking your backpack from your shoulders like you need to with proper chest sack that attaches to your backpack shoulder straps!

I think it’s a keeper! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

At the Sunny side of the Alps

My first posting as a are joking right! Why?
Idea to start a blog matured in me for a long time. After I was almost 100% sure not to start a blog due to lack of time as a young parent, the thought of it just didn't go away. Today I made a decision and started writing it up. After all, there are numerous young parents with a blog! Right Hendrik? Anway what I'll do on my blog is post about my ultralight outdoor adventures here in our beautiful country of Slovenia and the rest of the World. With doing that I'll try to encourage you my dear readers to go out even more and enjoy Wilderness before all is gone for good!  

What no Gear reviews? Relax. I'll post about gear as well but since my local sources are pretty limited with what we would call UL/SUL I might be few steps behind and there will be lots of other reviews about the same stuff out already. So bare with me!

Enjoy the reading and please post your comments. I highly appreciate your views, opinions, directions and I like to hear your thoughts on the matter I commented. After all comments do things get better.