Sunday, 23 September 2012

At the Sunny side of the Alps

My first posting as a are joking right! Why?
Idea to start a blog matured in me for a long time. After I was almost 100% sure not to start a blog due to lack of time as a young parent, the thought of it just didn't go away. Today I made a decision and started writing it up. After all, there are numerous young parents with a blog! Right Hendrik? Anway what I'll do on my blog is post about my ultralight outdoor adventures here in our beautiful country of Slovenia and the rest of the World. With doing that I'll try to encourage you my dear readers to go out even more and enjoy Wilderness before all is gone for good!  

What no Gear reviews? Relax. I'll post about gear as well but since my local sources are pretty limited with what we would call UL/SUL I might be few steps behind and there will be lots of other reviews about the same stuff out already. So bare with me!

Enjoy the reading and please post your comments. I highly appreciate your views, opinions, directions and I like to hear your thoughts on the matter I commented. After all comments do things get better.