Monday, 28 April 2014

Six loooooong years

I can't believe it finally happen and that it took long Six years to do so. Six years of me wondering alone, thinking about how to start, hoping it will come true and asking if it'll ever happen. And it finally did. And I hope I just found new hiking partner, a buddy, a new friend with whom I can enjoy the outdoors Son!
Using one of his dad's walking pole
Last few days we had really good time outdoors. Walking, exploring, listening to the birds, running away from the rain and checking out little animals we saw while wondering about. There are so many of them you pass by. Not even noting them in short timeframe you got left to enjoy outdoors after your hard working day's over. But if you take it slow, as going with Kids is, you are able to see and hear so much. And it brings back all the memories of the sounds, colours and the little critters you knew from your childhood and somehow forgotten in this fast&forward lifestyle. Kids are different! They take it slow, they take time to enjoy and to explore. If you are willing to tag along, take it slow and go play Kid again you can really have great day out.

I took him out to the local woods. We go there almost daily so he is comfortable with the area. I knew short uphill sections that are leading to top of the hill will not do him too much discomfort if only I don't push him to hard and fast. So we took it really slow to reach our goal. Two little peaks to bag was the plan. On the way up we saw so many different kind of animals and plants. Snails. All different in their shape, size and colour. Some homeless and some with nice houses on their backs.

Black Slug
Yellow house Snail
We try to feed this one with some flower but he got a bit shy
All going slow. Enjoying their day as we did! On the way we didn't only look for snails and listen to birds but we took some time to check the flowers and other plants to. Flora and fauna!

Fungus colony on dead tree
Field flowers
Once at the top we hid ourselves from light rain under the arc of tinny little church. I knew he was getting tired and he needed some rest. Well earned snacks went down and it was time to take a short nap. Sitlight pad was just enough to keep his back from cold tile. He dozed off for few minutes.

Cat nap at the sound of the Crickets
The sound of the Crickets down on the field was so noisy and intense we had to go and look for their little homes. Hopefully we'll catch one so we could check it up from close. After few fruitless tries we finally got hold of one. He had only just shed his old too tight skin and his new one was fresh and somewhat fragile looking.
Checking out the Field Cricket. See Dad I am not affraid holding it!    

He did try and hide under the sleeve
With time passing by it was time to continue and bag another small peak close by. The Spirit was high and in few minutes we were up again. This time at 740 m. We put our names in a small booklet at the top and stamp our hands so we can show where've been today.

No proof no glory
It was time to get going and with only downhill from here we were down by the car very fast. 

Going down
With days like today I get more confident that taking it slow is the way to get Kids to enjoy their time with you outdoors. He now not only talks about where he has been but asks where and when he'll go. Maybe an overnighter soon?

Into the green

Happy I am!